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Qualitative and Relative Adjectives ADJECTIVES IN ENGLISH

Adjective is a speech part determining nouns. They answer the question What kind? There’re common/descriptive and proper/personality adjectives. Multi-root adjectives are compound. Adjectives make description more specific.Mexican foodfaraway landQualitative AdjectivesSemantically adjectives may be qualitative or relative. Qualitative adjectives describe objects directly by denoting their shape, size, color or other general …

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Adjectives can often become substantivized (become nouns). In such cases they are either wholly (fully), or partially substantivized.I. Wholly substantivized adjectives(converted into nouns) acquire allthe features of nouns: number, case, articles. They denote:1) Class nouns:a relative, a native, a savage, a criminal, a white, а black,a romantic, a cynic, a …

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The Subjunctive Mood

A verb is in the subjunctive mood when it expresses a condition which is doubtful or not factual. It is most often found in a clause beginning with the word if. It is also found in clauses following a verb that expresses a doubt, a wish, regret, request, demand, or …

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Смысловые глаголы, вспомогательные глаголы и полувспомогательные глаголы. Notional verbs, auxiliary verbs and semi-auxiliary verbs

Главная » Грамматика » Глагол (The Verb) »Смысловые глаголы, вспомогательные глаголы и полувспомогательные глаголы. Notional verbs, auxiliary verbs and semi-auxiliary verbsПо значению и выполняемой в предложении функции глаголы делятся на смысловые глаголы, вспомогательные глаголы и полувспомогательные глаголы.Смысловые глаголы (Notional verbs) имеют самостоятельное лексическое значение и обозначают действие или состояние предмета …

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Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives in English дарачањои ќиёсии сифат

                                                     ADJECTIVE  DEGREES                                               Forms          Positive                                   Comparative                                       Superlative Non-comparative                  Comparing two nouns                         compare more Base adjective                         adj+than                                              than two nouns Frank is sweet                         Gwen is sweeter                                   the+adj                                                    than  Frank          mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? An adjective in English is a part of …

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MOOD OF VERB Сиѓаи феъл

English verbs have four moods: indicative, imperative, subjunctive, and infinitive.Mood is the form of the verb that shows the mode or manner in which a thought is expressed.1. Indicative Mood: expresses an assertion, denial, or question:Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.Ostriches cannot fly.Have you finished your homework?2. Imperative Mood: …

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