Ответ в теме: MUST — MAY — MIGHT — CAN’T

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Перефразируйте следующие пред-|ложения, употребляя модальный глагол may. E.g. Possibly you left your book behind. You may have left your book behind.
1. Perhaps you left your umbrella in the bus.
2. Perhaps he went to the cafe to wait for us.
3. Perhaps it was Helen who rang you up. 4. Per¬haps they came by plane. 5. Perhaps she had a very good English teacher. 6. Perhaps it was too cold for the children to go out. 7. It is possible that he took his children to the zoo. 8. Possibly they did not see us in the crowd. 9. Perhaps Rob¬ert used a dictionary. 10. Possibly Mary misun¬derstood you. 11. Perhaps Henry waited for us there. 12. Possibly Ann returned very late last night. 13. Possibly they have seen the new play. 1 4. Perhaps Nick has left his exercise-book at home.