Ответ в теме: MUST — MAY — MIGHT — CAN’T

Main Aditor

Вставьте модальный глагол may или might. Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующу¬юся форму инфинитива.
1. … I (to ask) you to take off your hat? 2. She asked me if she … (to turn) on the light. 3. I am afraid it … (not to stop) raining by the morning. 4. Don’t scold her: the task … (to be) too difficult for her, that’s why she made rather many mis-takes. 5. If they’don’t miss the train, they … (to arrive) in time. 6. Why isn’t he here yet? What has happened? — Oh, he … (to miss) the train. 7. He … (to do) very hard work. That’s why he looks so tired now.