Ответ в теме: MUST — MAY — MIGHT — CAN’T

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Перепишите сначала все предложе-ния, в которых модальный глагол must выра-жает долженствование, а затем предложения, в которых он выражает предположение. Переве-дите предложения на русский язык.
1. You must be a fool to think so. 2. The work I must have been carried out in secret for quite a long time. 3. The question must be solved before we begin doing anything. 4. Mind, you mustn’t spend all the money. 5. You must take a taxi if you want to catch that train. 6. You must tell your mother about it. 7. But she must have seen him! 8. Oh, John, think how she must be suffering! 9. Is she waiting? She must have been waiting for an hour. 10. “Oh, Auntie,” he answered, “you mustn’t talk like that.” 11. And remember, you must come and see the baby as soon as you can. 12. You must go home now, Georgie.