Ответ в теме: Переведите на английский язык, ютребляя модальный глагол need

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Вставьте модальные глаголы can, may, must или need.
1. I … not go out today: it is too cold. 2. … I take your pen? — Yes, please. 3. We … not carry the bookcase upstairs: it is too heavy. 4. We … not carry the bookcase upstairs ourselves: the workers will come and do it. 5. When … you come to see us? — I … come only on Sunday. 6. Shall I write a letter to him? — No, you … not, it is not neces¬sary. 7. … you cut something without a knife? 8. Peter … return the book to the library. We all want to read it. 9. Why … not you understand it?
it is so easy. 10. … we do the exercise at once? Yes, you do it at once. 11. … you pronounce this sound? 12. You … not have bought this meat-we have everything for dinner.