Ответ в теме: TO HAVE TO — ТО BE TO

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1. I was to wait for her at the railway station.
2. We were to go to the cinema that afternoon.
3. They were to start on Monday. 4. He was to telephone the moment she was out of danger.
5. Roses were to be planted round the pond.
6. There was to be a discussion later on. 7. We were to get there before the others. 8. He was to tell her where to find us. 9. She was to graduate that year. 10. She was to wear that dress at the graduation party. 11. He is to come here at five o’clock. 12. The train was to leave at five-fifteen.
1 TO BE может употребляться как модальный тлагол товд>кс в двух временах: Present Simple и Past Simple.