Ответ в теме: TO HAVE TO — ТО BE TO

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Вставьте модальные глаголы to have to или to be to.
1. She … to send a telegram because it was too late to send a letter. 2. They decided that she … to send them a telegram every tenth day. 3. You … to learn all the new words for the next lesson. 4. Do you know this man? He … to be our new teacher of history. 5. Who … to go to the library to get the new books? — I was, but I couldn’t be-
cause I … to finish some work at the phonetic^ laboratory. 6. It is raining. You … to put on your raincoat. 7. “The patient … to stay in bed for a few days,” ordered the doctor. 8. The child had stomach trouble and … to take castor oil. 9. I told her she … to open the window for a while every day. 10. The agreement was that if Johnny White could not repay the money he had borrowed, then Luke Flint … to have the right to sell the land. 11. If I don’t ring up before six o’clock, then you … to go to the concert hall alone and wait for me at the entrance. Is that clear? 12. The planters … to gather their cotton at once, as they had been warned that heavy rains were expected. 13. I … io wear glasses as my eyesight is very weak. 14. John¬ny White … to borrow from Luke Flint at a high interest, for there was no one else in the district who lent money. 15. “Cheating is a very nasty thing,”‘ said the teacher, “and we … to get rid of it.”