Ответ в теме: TO HAVE TO — ТО BE TO

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Вставьте модальные глаголы Iо have to или to be to.
1. Where … the lecture to take place? — I sup¬pose in the assembly hall. 2. So, our plan is as follows: I … to go to the library and bring the books. You … to look through all the material here. Later we … to work together. 3. “You … to do it alone, without anybody’s help,” she said sternly. 4. I … to help my friends with this work now, so I cannot go with you. 5. It was raining hard and we … to wait until it stopped raining. 6. 1 … to ask him about it tomorrow, as today he has already gone. 7. Why didn’t you tell me that I … to buy the books? 8. According to the order of the school¬mistress all the pupils … to return the library books before the twenty-third of May. 9. As we had agreed
before, we … to meet at two o’clock to go to the stadium together. But Mike did not come. I waited for another half-hour, but then I … to leave as I was afraid to be late. 10. The meeting … to begin at five o’clock. Don’t be late.