Ответ в теме: ТО HAVE TO

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Перепишите следующие предложе¬ния в прошедшем времени.
1 It is already twenty minutes past eight. You must go or you will be late for the first lesson. 2. I am very tired. I feel I must go to bed at once, or I shall fall asleep where I am sitting. 3. We can’t wait for them any longer, we must ring them up and find out what has happened. 4. I am think¬ing hard, trying to find a solution of the prob¬lem. There must be a way out. 5. It is quite clear to everyboby in the family that he must start get¬ting ready for his examination instead of wasting time. 6. It is impossible to do anything in such a short time. I must ask the chief to put off my report. 7. I don’t mean that you must do every¬thing they tell you.