Ответ в теме: ТО BE ALLOWED TO

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Вставьте модальный глагол may (might) или выражение to be allowed to. Встав¬ляйте to be allowed to только в тех случаях, где may (might) употребить нельзя.
1. … I bring my sister to the party? 2. He asked if he … bring his sister to the party. 3. After they had finished their homework, the children … watch TV. 4. He … join the sports section as soon as he is through with his medical examination. 5. Becky’s mother said that everybody … take part in the picnic. 6. He … go homo if ho likes. 7. As sооn as the boy … leave the room, ho smiled a happy smile and ran out to join his friends outside. 8. The doctor says I am much better. I … get up for a few hours every day.