Ответ в теме: ТО BE ALLOWED TO

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Вставьте модальные глаголы may (might) или can (could).
1. … I use your pen? 2. … I find a pen on that table? 3. You … read this book: you know the lan¬guage well enough. 4. You … take this book: I don’t need it. 5. … I help you? 6. … I ask you to help me? 7. … you help me? 8. I … not imagine her speaking in public: I knew that she was so shy. 9. Something was wrong with the car: he … not start it. 10. A fool … ask more questions than a wise man … answer. 11. She asked me if she … use my telephone. 12. The school was silent: noth¬ing … be heard in the long dark corridors. 13. Waiting … be endless, you know. 14. … you tell me the nearest way to the city museum? 15. They … think that I am too weak to take part in the excursion, but I am strong enough to do any kind of hard work, indeed. 16. He knew this period of history very well: he had read everything on the subject he … find in the rich university library.
You must respect your parents, (должны) You must not go there, (нельзя) Must I learn it by heart? (должен?)
Предположение должно быть
It must be cold outside, (должно быть)