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Classes of nouns and grammatical categories of nouns
Lexical stratification of nouns is inseparably connec¬ted with their grammatical or morphological characteris¬tics. This means that certain lexical classes of nouns ap¬pear to express particular grammatical properties such as number (число), case (падеж) and even impose restric¬tions on their functioning. Thus number may only be expressed by countable nouns: a boy — boys, a bird — birds, a book — books. Case indicating relations of a noun to other words in a sentence is basically realized by the opposition of animate nouns which may be proper, common, inanimate or inanimate nouns: John s coat, my sisters house, the dog’s tail, the idea of the book, the question under discussion.
Case and number are considered to be the gramma¬tical categories of nouns since they are the most general properties of words of this class which have acquired grammatical expression.