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    1) We __________________ at 7am this morning.

    a) got in b) got out c) got up


    2) I don’t want to cook tonight – let’s ________________.

    a) eat out b) eat in c) eat up


    3) The taxi ________________ on the way to the airport and we missed our flight.

    a) broke off b) broke up c) broke down


    4) I’m going to ____________________ for a new computer.

    a) save up b) look up c) wait up


    5) Do you ____________________ ghosts? (you are sure they exist)

    a) make up b) believe in c) tell off


    6) I was very unhappy yesterday but I’ve ___________________ today.

    a) looked up b) cheered up c) cheered on


    7) I’ve ____________________ smoking. (stopped)

    a) given back b) given away c) given up


    8) We ____________________ from Rome at 7am. (We started our journey at


    a) set in b) set up c) set off


    9) The horse race has been ____________________. (The horse race has been cancelled)

    a) called off b) called out c) called on


    10) We ____________________ in a small flat in London.

    a) grew up b) grew into c) grew on


    11) They’ve decided to ____________________ their wedding until John has recovered from his accident. (They have postponed their wedding)

    a) put on b) put out c) put off


    12) He ____________________ petrol on his way to work.

    a) ran off with b) ran out of c) ran over


    13) Don’t drop your coat on the floor – ____________________ .

    a) hang up! b) hang it up! c) hang on!


    14) We’ve bought a new house and we’re ____________________ next week.

    a) moving in b) moving along c) moving on


    15) She’s recently ____________________ photography. (she recently started doing something)

    a) taken up b) taken out c) taken over


    16) She read out the names of the winners. (read aloud)

    a) read back b) read out c) read up on

    17) My friend and I ____________________ over money. (we stopped being friendly)

    a) fell over b) fell in c) fell out


    18) Dinner is ready – go and ____________________ please. (American English – clean your hands)

    a) wash down b) wash up c) wash out


    19) ____________________ and get dressed – you’re late for school.

    a) Hurry up b) Hurry on c) Hang on


    20) I’m in London on Wednesday – let’s ____________________ for lunch.

    a) meet with b) meet up c) hang around


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