Compare and explain the use of the italicized articles and nouns they specify in the following groups of sentences

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    1. Compare and explain the use of the italicized articles and nouns they specify in the following groups of sentences:
    2. a) Cultural life in England takes so many forms that a brief summary can only attempt to suggest its variety. 2. A vigorous cultural life in Scotland has as its highlight the annual Edinburgh International Festival, one of the world’s leading cultural events. 3. He was the life and soul of the party.
    3. b) A large part of the house was destroyed by the fire. 2. She has been offered a marvellous part in the new film. 3. The best part of my job is all the travel it involves. 4. She lived there for the better part of her life. 5. In the play he plays the part of the policeman. 6. Working irregular hours is part and parcel of being a journalist.
    4. c) It will take you a long time to learn French properly. 2. What’s the time! 3. The universe exists in

    time and space. 4. Time does fly, and we are not getting any younger.

    1. d) I couldn’t find a parking space. 2. Please save a space for me in the queue. 3. He satellite has been in space for a year. 4. In the space of ten miles the road rises 1000 feet.
    2. e) There is a fish market near here. 2. He can’t find a market for his skills. 3. They sell mainly to the home market. 4. They have put their house on the market.
    3. f) Silence in court! 2. The defendant told the court that he had never seen the woman before. 3. He is well-known at court. 4. Are the players on court yet?
    4. g) He has sailed round the world. 2. She is a well-known character in the business world. 3. There is a world of difference between thinking about it and doing it.
    5. h) 1. The injured man was lying on the ground. Moles seldom come above ground. 3. The soldiers marched on a parade ground. 4. The curtains have white flowers on a blue ground.
    6. i) 1. They have a charming home in London. 2. She came from a poor 3. India is the home of elephants and tigers. 4. Is he home from work yet?
    7. j) He became king on the death of his father.
    8. Once upon a time there was a rich king in Baghdad.
    9. The Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the British Commonwealth. 4. Elizabeth became queen in 1952. 5. He was sitting on a Queen Anne chair.
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