Phrasal verb BLOW UP

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    1. To blow up something (or blow something up) means to fill it with air; for example, a balloon, or a car or bicycle tyre.

    Example of use:

    Can you blow these balloons up for the party, please?


    1. Blow up also means to suddenly lose your temper (get very angry).

    Informal English.

    Example of use:

    1. I broke her iPad and she blew up at me.
    2. We were having a discussion about the accounts and he suddenly blew up and stormed out.


    3. When something blows up (or when somebody blows something up) it explodes. Examples of use:

    1. The family were injured when their house blew up because of a gas leak.
    2. Fortunately the plane was empty when the hijackers blew it up.


    infinitive blow up
    present simple blow up and blows up
    -ing form blowing up
    past simple blew up
    past participle blown up



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