Phrasal verb FALL OUT

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    1. To fall out with someone is to become upset or angry with them, and stop being friendly with them.

    Examples of use:

    1. We fell out over something very small.
    2. I fell out with my sister because she broke my necklace.
    3. Ingrid and Beatrice fell out when Ingrid crashed Beatrice’s car.
    4. Marcus and Akos have fallen out.


    A falling-out (noun) is an argument or disagreement.

    Example of use:

    Jerry hasn’t spoken to his brother for years. They had a falling-out over money.


    2. If your hair falls out it becomes loose and unattached.

    Examples of use:

    1. My hair fell out when I was ill.
    2. My father’s hair started to fall out when he was only 30, and now he is completely bald.


    infinitive fall out
    present simple fall out and falls out
    -ing form falling out
    past simple fell out
    past participle fallen out


    Practise your English and write a sentence using this phrasal verb. Think of a suitable response to this question using the phrasal verb fall out.

    3. Why aren’t you speaking to your brother?






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