Phrasal verb SETTLE DOWN

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    1. To settle down is to start living in a place where you plan stay for a long time, especially after living in many different places or travelling a lot.

    Example of use:

    I worked in many different countries when I was younger, but I came back to the UK in 2005 and settled down and got married.


    2. When two people settle down together they set up a life together and perhaps get married, buy a house and start a family.

    Example of use:

    1. Alice and Peter are settling down and buying a house together. They are getting married in June.
    2. They make a lovely couple. I hope they settle down together.


    3. To settle down is also to become calm and quiet.

    Examples of use:

    1. I wish the children would settledown and go to sleep- I’m exhausted!
    2. Settle down class, and get your books out. Today we’re going to learn about phrasal verbs.
    3. There was a fight between the rival football fans but the situation has settled down now.


    infinitivesettle down
    present simplesettle down and settles down
    -ing formsettling down
    past simplesettled down
    past participlesettled down




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