Phrasal verb WAIT UP

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    1. To wait up is to stay awake and not go to bed because you are waiting for someone. Examples of use:

    1. I’ll be home late tonight. Don’t wait up for me.
    2. What time did you get home last night? Your mother and I waited up for you until 2am.


    2.Wait up! is something you say to someone if you want them to stop and wait for you.

    Mainly American English

    Examples of use:

    1. Wait up! I’ll get my coat and come with you.
    2. Wait up! I need to talk to you before you go.
    3. Wait up! You’ve forgotten your briefcase.


    infinitivewait up
    present simplewait up and waits up
    -ing formwaiting up
    past simplewaited up
    past participlewaited up




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