English Grammar

The Numeral. Kind of Numerals.

             2. Ракамхо. Намудхои ракам

Numerals in English is a part of speech that defines the number or the order of items. Words indicating number are called numerals. They are adjectives, nouns or adverbs.

1. There are seven days in the week. [Adjective].

2. Twelve make a dozen. [Noun].

3. I have called twice. [Adverb].

There are cardinal and ordinal numerals in the English language.

1) CARDINAL NUMERALS (микдори) show the number of certain items. They correspond to the interrogative wword “How many?”

2) ORDINAL NUMERALS (тартиби) are used to show the order of items. They correspond to the question starting with the word  “Which?”

Cardinal numeral adjectives (one, two, four, etc) are used in counting and answer the question. “How many?”.

Example: She has got three brothers.

How many feet are there in a mile? – There are 5280 feet in a mile.

Ordinal numeral adjectives (first, second, third, etc.)


1. Carl plays the second violin

Exept cardinal and ordinal there are 2 other numerals.

1.Fractional-касри   2/2 4/6

2.Conjectural-тахмини    2-3, 1-2

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