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Difference Between Regular and Irregular Verbs


         REGULAR      IIREGULAR Verbs are those words which express the action or state of the subject in a sentence. There are certain forms which a verb can take, called as ‘principal parts of verbs‘, these are infinitive, third person present, simple past, past participle and present participle. If you take a glance at these forms, you’ll notice that there are some verbs whose simple past and past participle have a set or fixed ending which are called Regular Verbs.

Conversely, there are certain verbs which either change their forms completely or remain the same, these are known as Irregular Verbs. Let’s take a read of these examples to understand the difference between regular and irregular verbs:

BASE FORM                                     SIMPLE PAST                                         PAST PARTICIPLE
Regular Verbs
Carry                                                     Carried                                                      Carried
Grab                                                      Grabed                                                     Grabed
Jump                                                     Jumped                                                    Jumped
Iregular Verbs
Break                                                    Broke                                                        Broken
Drink                                                     Drank                                                        Drunk
Eat                                                         Ate                                                            Eaten

Meaning Regular Verbs are the verbs with usual simple past and past participle forms. Irregular
Regular Verbs refers to the verbs that depend on the basic pattern of inflection (or inflexion). Inflection means the variation in the form of a word, usually in the end, to describe the tense, mood, number, gender and so forth.

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