Test from English grammar

Test from grammar  

Choose the correct answer

1.He’s got __ money.

+a) a lot of b) much c) many d) a few

2. Is there __ ice in the fridge

a)many  +b) much c) a few d) a lot of

3.Can we have __ pepper on our potatoes ?

 +a) a little b) much c) a few d) a lot of

4. We saw __ interesting films last year

a) lots +b) many c) a little d) a few

Complete the sentences

1.You can have __ biscuits before lunch.

a)  some  +b) any c) many d) some of

2. There isn’t   __ cheese in this sandwich

+a) any b) some c) any of d) some of

3. Don’t put __ butter on my bread please.

a) some b) some of +c) any d) few

4.There were __ ducks on the lake.

+a) some b) any c) any of d) a few

5. He didn’t have __ driving lessons last week.

a) some b) some of  +c) any d) few

6. I asked for __ water but I  didn’t get __ .

a) any +b) some c) some of d) any

7. I’ve got __ postcard to send home .

a) any b) few +c) some d) some of

8. Were there __ famous people at the match ?

a) some +b) any c) – d) any of

Put correct word :

  1. She said __ to me but I didn’t understand it.

+a) something b) anything c) anybody d) somebody

  • Do you know __ about politics ?
  • Something b) somebody +c) anything d) anybody
  • I went to the shop but I didn’t buy __ .
  • anybody b) something +c) anything d) anybody

4. Would you like __ to drink ?

+a) something b) anything c) anybody d) anything

5. I didn’t eat __ because I wasn’t hungry.

a) something b) anybody +c) anything d) somebody .

Choose the correct word :

1. He is very funny. He makes me __ .

a) to laugh +b) laugh c) laughing d) –

2. At school our teacher made us __ very hard .

a) to word b) working +c) work d) have worked

3. Do you want me __ you some money ?

a) lend b) lending +c) to lend d) landed

4. They didn’t want anybody __ their secret.

a) listen b) know +c) to know d) knew

5. You are always at home. You don’t  go out __.

a) too +b) enough c) too many d) to much

6. I don’t like the weather here. There’s __ rain.

a) enough b) too +c) too much d) to many

7. I can’t wait for them. I haven’t got __ time

a) too +b) too much c) too many d) enough

8. You don’t eat __ vegetables. You should eat more .

+a) enough b) too much c) too d) too many

9. Our team didn’t play well. We made __  mistakes.

+a) too much b) too c) too many d) enough

10. You’re always tired . I think you work __ hard .

+a) too b) too much c) to many d) enough

11. I always have breakfast __ to work.

a) before I go +b) before going c) before d) –

Put in during , while , for ,

 12. We didn’t speak __ we were eating .

+a) while b) for c) during d) –

13. I fell out of bed __ I was asleep.

+a) while b) for c) during d) –

14.Yesterday evening I watched TV __ three hours

a) during +b) for c) while d) in

15. I stayed in  Rome __ five days.

a) during b) while +c) for d) in

16. He couldn’t speak __ while .

+a) for a b) during c) while d) for

Define the functions of the infinitive .

1. To lean out of the window is  dangerous .

a) predicative +b) subject  c) object d) adverb

2. I was to busy to do this work.

a) subject b) adverbial modifier c) predicative +d) adverbial modifier of result

3. I hadn’t time to wash dishes yet.

a)subject b) predicative +c) attribute d) object

4. She nervously moved her hand towards his lips as if to stop him.

a)adverb b) attribute c) predicative +d) adv. Mod of comparison

5. Nazira had learned to sing songs.

+a) as an object b) as a predicative c) predicate d) verbial predicate

6.The train was to leave at midnight.

a) an subject b) object c) predicate +d) verbial  predicate

7.He was so weak as to be unable to stand.

a) as predicate b) object c) attribute +d) adverb

8. I was too busy to meet anyone.

a) as an adverb b) verb c) subject +d) adverb of result

Difine the tense of the participle

1. When reading book , I can understand it.

+a) present participle b) past c) future d) passive

2. They were close friends , having been at school together .

a) present participle b) past c) future +d) perfect

3. While watching TV he can notice very important things in it.

+a) present  b) past c) future d) passive

4.Having done his work, my friend hurried to go.

+a) perfect b) perfect cant c) participle d) gerunds

5. Whatching TV is his hobby.

+a) present b) past c) future d) passive

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